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Certified (MU2) EHR & EMR Systems

Healthcare HIM is proud to offer our Certified (MU2) EHR & EMR -to all healthcare facilities using our transcription & editing services, at no charge!

Our innovative technology helps your organization receive the maximum government reimbursement, since it meets the criteria for Certified (MU2) EHR & EMR certification and 100% HIPAA compliant.

Easy Implementation

Our implementation experts help ensure that your transition to our Certified (MU2) EHR & EMR Systems are smooth and simple for you, while achieving all the necessary objectives for patient security and privacy.

In addition, during the implementation phase, we customize all reports and dashboards, as well as the final printed product, so that all your documents are in line with your desired branding and include your logo and any marketing messaging.

Protecting Patient Privacy

During the implementation phase, our team will capture all the information needed on-site to ensure that every workstation and printer is tagged by an IP address in the system. This means that all access to patient data is tracked and secured. Records are also kept of users who edited the original transcribed report.

Secure Storage

All transcribed reports and audio are stored on our secure servers for as long as you are a client of Healthcare HIM. Our data is secured at three mirrored data centers in Clearwater, Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada and Altanta, Georgia.

To learn more about our Certified (MU2) EHR & EMR Systems, please call us at (855) HIM-TYPE / (855) 446-8973, or complete our brief online form and a representative will contact you.

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